In a contemporary world characterized by the connectivity and fast information, schools get more important in student’s lives.

One of the most challenging proposals in the introduction of courses is known as Steam methodology (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).

Developed in the United States, the methodology proposes to position the student as a “knowledge builder”, whose acquired skills to face problems allow him or her to present creative solutions to the real challenges.


Using varied interactive materials, including DRONES, the student develops a sense of autonomy that makes studying an activity that, in addition to bringing theoretical knowledge, also contributes to future expertise in the job market.


Therefore, the format and content of DRONEKIDS course is a thought-provoking and entertaining facilitator, which challenges students to learn and apply the content and skills of real projects in innovative breakthroughs!

Content of the Drone Pilot Course

  • Welcome to the curious world of drones
  • What are drones made of?
  • Radio control
  • Simulators
  • Flight practice with Mini Drone
  • Aerodynamic forces
  • Flight practice with Mini Drone
  • Flight theory
  • Flight practice with Mini Drone
  • Programming
  • Flight practice with Mini Drone
  • Digital camera
  • Mini Drone flight practice – Race start
  • The Universe of images
  • Drone Racing
  • Introducing the Super Pilots